"When you are preparing to move to the other side of the planet you really depend on advice given to you by locals. This is true for many things, but never as much as when it comes to finding somewhere to live. My first contact with Monica was via email and I instantly trusted her. She understood that it wasn't merely an apartment we were looking for, it was a home. She had clearly listened very closely to our requirements, as we saw nine apartments on our house-hunting-day, and they were exactly what we wanted. Narrowing it down to two, her simple advice was to go back the next day during a different time of day, and walk around the neighbourhood, take the MRT to work and see which is most convenient. I did as advised, and we were very happy in our chosen apartment for the next five years."

Charlotta Petersen, Handelsbanken

"Monica was recommended to us by two independent contacts and from the initial call every aspect of her assistance has been truly valuable. Firstly, she very quickly assessed our situation and advised what kind of living would be relevant for us.  Throughout the quick process she highlighted pros and cons with the alternative living options she showed us. In the end  we choose the first condo that she showed us and we are very happy with the choice. Besides the assistance with housing, we very much appreciate the comprehensive advices on schools (for our daughter and son in elementary school) as well as most 'new on ground questions'  we had. We still (3 months on ground) call Monica for assistance, and she always take time to share experience/give advice."

Mikael Lindholm


“We are so happy that we found Monica Berglund in preparation for our move to Singapore. We did not know anything about Singapore and had no idea where was a good place to live. We mailed our thoughts and ideas to Monica; close to MRT, preferably close to coast, not too high up, minimum 3 bedrooms and many many more. And we described our family situation. We then had 2 intense days together with Monica where she had arranged visits and drove us around to 15 different apartments according to our wish list. She had also picked some wild cards to challenge us. Monica had also prepared a map with each apartments location in the city and some facts about each place. She could tell us useful information about each neighborhood and how it was located in relation to work and schools. All this information was invaluable. Monicas great knowledge about the city, her understanding of Scandinavian peoples’ expectations and needs and her diligent guidance helped us to find the right apartment. The fact that she speaks Swedish was a benefit too. And it was a nice surprise that this great service did not cost us anything since Monica gets her commission from the landlord. We are very satisfied and are happy to recommend Monica Berglund’s services.”

Magnus, Maria and Maja Zederfeldt

“After 20 years as expats I been in contact with a lot of property agencies, and nobody has been as professional as Monica. I was highly recommend by another Swede in Singapore to contact Monica. I was impressed that Monica only after my phone call from Dubai, could ‘read’ our family and when we came to Singapore for our look and see weekend, she showed us 17 great apartment’s. Monica picked us up at the Hotel and drove us straight to each apartments, no delay and Monica was well prepared. In addition to show us apartments Monica informed us and answered our questions about schools, hospitals, restaurants and Singapore’s culture while she drove us between all the apartment’s. We are very happy in our new home in Singapore thanks to Monica.”

Agneta Ekstrand


“ Zest Property Service Pte Ltd and Monica Berglund have been very helpful to us. They have a good understanding what Scandinavians clients look for when moving to Singapore. “

Erik Lewenhaupt, Stena Bulk Singapore


“Spring 2011 we learned that we were moving to Singapore only a couple of months later. Moving across the world with all your belongings and finding the right home in time is usually not the easiest, but we were keen on finding something where we could move in when our furniture arrived. And not have to stay in services apartment for a long time. We started searching for a real estate professional that would understand what we wanted as Scandinavians. We were recommended Monica from a family who had lived in Singapore several years and used her a couple of times. We soon took a trip to Singapore to look for an apartment, and she was able to arrange viewings with only a few days of notice. As we really did not know what we wanted, she started by showing us different types of condos and different areas. But as we grew more confident in what we liked, she listened very well and started showing us only what we wanted. She also picked us up at our hotel and took us to each viewing which was nice when we were jet lagged. Now six months after our move, we are still very happy with our apartment at Sentosa. We would also like to add that Monica also helped us when we had some issues with the owner, even though this was weeks after we had taken over the apartment.”

Erik and Caroline, Norway


“Half a year before we moved to Singapore I got Monica’s contact details from a friend who had been using her services before. I emailed Monica and explained about our family situation and housing preferences. We went to Singapore twice before moving, to look at housing and schools. The first time we spent almost three days with Monica, going around to different areas of Singapore mainly to get a feeling for where we wanted to live. She was very helpful and had a lot of information also about the schools and their reputation. The second time we brought our kids and looked at both houses and apartments. Having lived in Singapore for almost 20 years herself, Monica knows very well what it is like moving here with a family. She gave us good advice on how to choose between house and condo and the pros and cons of these choices, for adults as well as for children. She showed us a lot of different alternatives, all of which were great. She has a really good network in Singapore and quickly gets information about what’s on the market. Through her we found our apartment, in which we have now been living for almost four years. Not only did she help us find a great place to live, but she also explained to us and gave us a good picture of what you need to do when you move her in terms of telephones, electricity, aircon servicing etc etc. There are a lot of things to think of when moving to Singapore, but Monica made it very easy for us.”

Mia and Björn Linder


“Monica was recommended to me as a contact person to help me find suitable accommodation in Singapore when we moved here 2008. This included informing and advising on all the different alternatives that are available taking my family situation into consideration. We received excellent service and this initial contact with Monica gave us a jump start in climbing our Singapore learning curve.”

Bo Carlsson, SEB Singapore


“We came to Singapore and thought we would stay in a house but Monica understood our families needs by asking the right questions and guiding us through the lifestyle in Singapore. We found the perfect apartment in the best area and that was the main reason we loved Singapore from day one.”

Johan and Jessica Staël von Holstein